fredag 9 november 2012

Distro: Sun of Eyes - Murder Lounge

"They’ve already surprised me with their other albums, but don’t stray away from that path. I’m thinking that this is one of their best yet. Playing the first track “Murder Lounge” which is a bizarre treat of The Birthday Party, as I’ve said many times earlier. Kind of their formula mixed with noise rock and a hint of traditional rock. The guttural sounds of the vocalist is not turning you off from listening to it, but the sound-scape in itself is quite a sinister treat for your eardrums as they get perforated by a large barrier of distorted sound. I think there’s a large portion of clouded mystery and there’s a sense of weird milieus." - Invisible Guy

Har några ex. i distrot för en tjuga styck. Handkolorerade omslag.

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