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Accüsed, the - Baked Tapes (Rare and previously unreleased splatter rock)
Adam Ant - Room at the Top 12"
Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal (Gatefold)
Blue Öyster Cult - Cultusaurus Erectus
Bowie, David - Diamond Dogs
Bowie, David - Scary Monsters
Cabaret Voltaire - The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord
Cathether / Fubar (Split, grind)
Chuck Norris / Jäzzus (Split, powerviolence)
Cop on Fire / Visions of War (Gatefold, Split)
Crime and the City Solution - I Have the Gun 12"
Cyness - Our Funeral Oration for the Human Race (grind)
Desastre - Perigo Iminente
Extinction of Mankind / Misery (Split)
Fear My Thoughts / Fear is the Path to the Dark Side - This Machine Runs on Fear (Split, grind)
Fear is the Path to the Dark Side - Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War
Foetus Corruptus - Rife (2LP)
Foetus (Scraping Foetus off the Wheel) - Nail
Fuaim Catha - s/t (Stonehenge rec.)
Generation X - The Best Of
Hanging Rotten - Your Cheatin' Heart (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Imperivm - Imperivm (Alerta Antifascista)
Indochine - Le Baiser
Kakistocracy - s/t (Profane Existence)
Katrina and the Waves - Shock Horror!
Killing Joke - Revelations
Killing Joke - America 12"
Lobotomia - s/t (Black Water)
Løst Wørld - Tot Aber Haltbar (Skuld)
Love and Rockets - So Alive (12")
Mässmörd - Inget Liv / Ingen Död (Nakkeskudd/Halvfabrikat/Blindead/Fight)
Massmord - Unleashed (Nakkeskudd/Halvfabrikat/Blindead/Contrazt)
Men Without Hats - Rythm of Youth
Peter Murphy - Final Solution 12" (Pere Ubu-cover!)
Neon Judgement, the - Miss Brown / Hot Sally 12"
New Model Army - Impurity (Gatefold)
Nosferatu - s/t
Nuclear Death Terror - s/t (Plague Bearer)
Oi Polloi - Ar Ceòl, Ar Cànan, Ar-(A)-Mach (Picture Disc)
Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead
Phobia - Resist and Exist (Profane Existence)
Play Dead - Company of Justice
Play Dead - Into the Fire (live)
Poesie Noire - Tetra
Proof of Existence - Scriptural Disaster (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Psychedelic Furs, the - Talk Talk Talk
Psychedelic Furs, the - Forever Now
Psychedelic Furs, the - Midnight to Midnight
Roxy Music - The High Road 12"
Schifosi - Absentum Existence (Alerta Antifascista)
Seein' Red - We Need to do More Than Just Music (Ebullition, post-Lärm)
Seein' Red / F.P.O. - Split (625)
Scorned - This Mad Endeavor (grå)
Silence / Easpa Measa - Split
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Dear Prudence 12"
Skew Whiff - Taedium Vitae (Trujaca Fala)
Spazm 151 - s/t (gatefold)
Ultravox - Lament
Ultravox - Rage in Eden
Ultravox - The Collection
Ultravox - Quartet
Yazoo - Upstairs at Eric's
Wall of Voodoo - Do it Again 12"
V/A - Dimmorna Skingras vol 1 (Punk, käng, crust)
V/A - Dimmorna Skingras vol 2 (Punk, käng, crust)

Agathocles - Mincecore History 85-90
Alien Sex Fiend - Liquid Head in Tokyo
Arcatera / Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Split (svensk och turkisk crust)
Armagedom - Das Cinzas ao Inferno...
Ballast - Sound Asleep (Riktig grym nutida anarkopunk)
Bangs - Tiger Beat
Behind Enemy Lines - Know Your Enemy
Blackout - Stop the Clock (Profane Existence)
Blitz - Best of Blitz
Bowie, David - Never Let Me Down
Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country (digipak)
Catharsis - Passion (Crimethinc)
Cortney Tidwell - s/t
Dandare - Uncritical Mass
Daniel Johnston - Welcome to My World...the Music of... (inplastad)
Dead Stop - Done With You
Dead Stop - Live For Nothing
Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell
Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again
Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses
Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun
Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion
Depeche Mode - Exciter
Detestation - S/T
Disgust - World of No Beauty
Disrupt - Unrest
First Nation - s/t
Fleshrevels - Extreme Meat Eater
Give Up the Ghost - We're Down 'til We're Underground
Give Up the Ghost - Background Music
Greenscab - Left the End Behind (Elderberry...)
Hoelderlin - Hoelderlin (Kraut)
Insuiciety - Believe and Die (Tysk vampyrcrustmetal)
Ire - What Seed, What Root? (Crimethinc)
Japan - Obscure Alternatives
Konki Duet, the- Il Fait Tout Gris
KSMB - Sardjentpepper
Love and Rockets - Lift
Men Without Hats - The Very Best Of
Midaircondo - Shopping for Images
Misery - Prdouction Thru Destruction
Mukeka di Rato - Gaiola
Murder Disco X - Complete Discography 97-04 (Profane Existence)
Napalm Death - Fear, Emptiness, Despair
Napalm Death - Death By Manipulation
Napalm Death - Diatribes
Napalm Death - Bootlegged in Japan
Napalm Death - Words From the Exit Wound
Napalm Death - Utopia Banished
Oasis - Definitely Maybe
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory ?
Obstructed - S/T (Finsk improvisationskäng, CDR)
Oceanlift - This Too Shall Pass (CDR)
Pazahora - S/T (Indonesisk Tragedy-crust)
Ratos de Porão - Sistemados Pelo Crucifa
Ratos de Poão - Brazil
Ratos de Poão -Anarkophobia
Ratos de Poão -  Guerra Civil Canibal
Rivers Cuomo - Alone, The Home Recordings of ... (Weezer)
Rose of Avalanche, the - L.A. Rain (The Singles Album)
Seein' Red - This CD Kills Fascists
Severed Head of State - Anathema Device
Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the...
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (2CD)
Smashing Pumpkins - Adore
Soft Machine - Third
Spazm 151 - S/T (Busted Heads)
Spazm 151 - S/T (Busted Heads)
Spectacle, the - Rope or Guillotine
Spectacle, the - I, Fail
State of the Union - To the Bitter End...a Discography (Profane Existence)
Step On It - Street Folklore (Ungersk punk/hc)
Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco
Talking Heads - 77
Timebomb - The Full Wrath of the Slave
Tjolgtjar - Five Tjolgtjarian Keys (black metal)
Ulster - Aperte o Gatilho
Veneral Disease - Mondo Macabro
Wake Up On Fire - S/T (Torture Garden)
Wojczech - Discography 95-02
X-Possibles/Spinners - Split
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is IsYeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
Zegota - Reclaim!
Zegota - Namaste
Zen Guerilla - Shadows on the Sun
Soundtrack - Rocky Horror Picture Show, the (inplastad)
Soundtrack - X-Files / X-Themes I
Soundtrack - X-Files / X-Themes II
Soundtrack - Michael Baldwin Orchestra - Music From Star Wars - Episode I - The Phantom Menace
V/A - Asian Underground (Asian Dub Foundation, Fun-Da-Mental, Malkit Singh, Loop Guru, Natacha Atlas, Green Vision, Bally Sagoo, Saqi, Panjabi MC, Eshara, Transglobal Underground, Suns of Arqa, Sainkho)

@patia No / Protestera - Split
@patia No - Cuando el Rumor es Informacion
Accion Mutante - Y No Hai Remedio
Adam and the Ants - Dog Eat Dog
Adam and the Ants - Goody Two Shoes / Red Scab (Picture Disc)
Arcatera / Reign of Bombs - Split
Aus-Rotten - Against Nazi Sympathy
Betongbarn - S/T (Nakkeskudd)
Between Us - S/T
Bombenalarm - Destination: Fucked Up
Bone Orchard - Jack (Grym loungegoth. Tänk Birthday Party)
David Bowie - When the Wind Blows
David Bowie - Let's Dance
Bow Wow Wow - Prince of Darkness / Orangutang (Poster Sleeve)
Brother Inferior - Freedoms Sons
Burial - S/T
Burmese - Live War / Treaties of Greed and Filth
Caustic Christ / Intense Youth - Split
Code 13 - A Part of America Died Today
Code 13 - Doomed Society
Crispus Attucks - De Nada
Crossing Chaos - Disgusting Reality (Blindead)
Diallo / Exhale - Split
Diallo - Diagram of a Scam
Diavolo Rosso - Groove Down to the Riotrock
Disrespect - S/T (Profane Existence)
Doña Maldad - ...en llamas de rabia
Doom - Police Bastard
Doom - Pissed, Robbed and Twatted
Down to Agony - Requiem Por un Mundo Enfermo
Dødsdømt - Løgn
Econochrist - Another Victim
Econochrist - Skewed
Endless Nightmares - S/T
Fuck U Is My Name - S/T
Greed - We Don't Need Your Big Business
Greed - Silence Is No Reaction
Greed / React - Split
Gritos de Alerta / Heresia - Split
Guided Cradle / Instinct of Survival (split)
Perth Express / Hellstrom - Split
Homoconsumens - Kudy Kam?
Instinct of Survival - S/T (Yellow Dog)
Infamy - Cracked (Sjakk Matt)
Jack Torrance - S/T
Niels Jensen - Inom Mej
Niels Jensen - Goes Too Far
Karras / Submerge - Split
Limp Wrist - Want Us Dead EP
New Wind, the - Truth? (Svensk metalpunk?)
My Own Lies - Houses in Texas
New Model Army - White Coats
New Model Army - Purity
Personkrets 3:1 - S/T (2003)
Point of Few - S/T (Första sjuan)
Point of Few - Beneath the Surface
Project Hopeless - Utsatt

Rikets Sal (Humorbok med bland annat Jesper Rönndahl)
Off the Map (Crimethinc)
Evasion (Crimethinc)
Days of War, Nights of Love (Crimethinc)
Recipes For Disaster  (Crimethinc)
En dag ska alla djur leva i frihet (Yelah)

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