måndag 22 juli 2013

Button Factory: Devendra Banhart

The Button Factory - Fresh venue for me. It was alright, but a bit too big to get that intimate feeling, but without setting foot in O2 yet, I bet I would prefer this for the gigs that draws slightly bigger crowds. Also, I guess I would've been standing closer if I really cared...
After a brief introduction by a, for me unknown, Spanish singer-songwriter, DEVENDRA BANHART entered the stage and went through a couple of songs by himself. This was probably the best part since I always prefer these kind of gigs without a backing band, even though I can't say they didn't do a good job. Not having heard records past Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon there were a few songs for me. But there was a good mix between new and old. However, I'm not that big fan of DEVENDRA BANHART and I guess you could say he served his purpose, if you can say there ever was one. But I'm betting all the hipster girls loved it.

(Due to the move from Sweden to Ireland, I guess I'll be writing in English for a period.)

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