måndag 29 juli 2013

Whelan's: Rats Blood, Loose Nut & Negative Approach

Getting disappointed, mostly from too high anticipations, by the first act; Irelands RATS BLOOD. Mid tempo d-beat with a fair dose of breakdowns. Static, or very disciplined, drummer. I usually like short, to the point gigs - which this certainly was at something like 10-15 minutes - but it didn't really leave me wanting for more. I just wished I had got my camera up earlier to actually get to film something. But I did like them. Really, I did. (Don't miss them at Fibbers on Tuesday, supporting INTEGRITY.)

LOOSE NUT; their last show - my first time seeing them. Something I always like in punk bands, which has become more and more frequent the last 10 years I guess, is punks not looking like "punks". Something this band had going on with all it's members differing from the other. Music-wise they reminded me of D.R.I. and the kind of-experimental bits of BLACK FLAG. For the most part, excellent. But the far too frequent macho hardcore breakdowns were putting holes in this, sadly, already abandoned ship.

The headliners, who were doing their first Ireland gig ever, Detroit's hardcore legends NEGATIVE APPROACH had a long takeoff, but when they had built up some steam they were sure rolling down that hill, blindly, in furious tempo and fervor. This is where I believe DROPDEAD are from. The guitar player, taking the bands name in a very literal manner, standing with his back to the audience throughout the whole gig, but at the end turning ‘round, showing his, otherwise bald head, big mustache and going round to high five and shake hands with the front rowers. Apart from the slow start, the only negative thing I can say about their part of the night is their really lousy cover of the DEAD BOYS classic 'All This and More'. Apparently they also did a SHAM 69-cover, but that went totally past me, never seeing any reason to listen to "Oi" or whatever you want to call it. The name of that song was however 'Borstal Breakout', for the curious.

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