torsdag 15 augusti 2013

Bohs: New Gods, Overbite, Strong Boys & Disguise

Let me do what NAS did and tell this shit in reverse. DISGUISE ended the night in a great manner. The most furious and raging band I've heard from Ireland. I'm definitely into this. Like the reverby vocals as well, which made me think of Japanese hardcore for sure. They were just...awesome. Good closer for the night. Wish I was more drunk. Wish I could've got more d-beat banged into my head. This is the first dose of real d-beat bliss I've got since arriving here in Dublin. Thanks.

Loved how a "gay hardcore band", STRONG BOYS, is playing at something as "macho" as a football club and hang their banner over some football-photographies like "this is the new era!" or something. Like a political statement. Although it probably wasn't. Loved how one in the crowd had a leather bondage mask on and had to hold it in place on his face while he was moshing away. Again, this was really good, and I'm sad that FUCKED UP cancelled their show so I couldn't catch this band again.

This is my new favorite band from Ireland. Without a doubt. I love when bands, just like this one, manages to do raw 4-beat punk without sounding too hardcore or macho but just sound nihilistic and bleak but still angry, of course. The band which they reminded me most of was CONDOMINUM, who are among my absolute favorites. Looking forward to hear a lot more from this quartet called OVERBITE.

Sadly got to the venue late enough to just miss the first band - NEW GODS. So I obviously, and luckily I guess, haven't anything to say about them. The event stated "Poison Idea meets Dead Boys", which could be good. Another time I guess. Overall: very, very good night. Obviously there is good punk going on on Ireland, which I was afraid there wasn't. Enjoyed the venue as well, hope for more gigs there.

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